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Car Seats

Where to Start?

Choosing the right car seat is essential, but it can be confusing to find the right one. We've created this guide to help you out.

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How to Select a Car Seat

Which car seat is right for my child?

Consider : Height, Weight and Age
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Is the seat I have chosen compatible with my car?

Check out our Car Seat Fit Checker

Have I fitted the car seat correctly?

Check out our Fitting Videos on the Cosatto YouTube channel

Have I put my child into the seat correctly?

Check out our fitting videos for harness height etc.

How long does your child need to be in a car seat for?

Legally a child must use an appropriate approved car seat until they are 135cm or 12 years of age. That is why we have seats for all stages of their development. The child seat you choose must be suitable for your child’s height/weight or age and for the vehicle it will be used in.

What is R129 i-Size?

i-Size is a type-approval category of seat within R129 that describes seats that are compatible with i-Size positions in cars. There will be some R129 cars seats that are not i-Size, but still have many of the benefits of the new regulation.

Checking the Label

An R44 approved car seat will have a label with a capital ‘E’ in a circle and ‘ECE R44’. An R129 car seat will have an orange label with a capital ‘E’ in a circle and ‘Regulation No. 129/XX’ where XX denotes the series of amendments.

Installation Methods

Industry Approvals / Regulations


In the UK (and the European Union), children must use a car seat that is approved to UN Regulation No. 44 (R44) or to UN Regulation No. 129 (R129). No other car seats are legal to use, even if they have other approvals. In the case of R44, only seats that are approved to the third and fourth series of amendments are legal to use. These will be labelled R44.03 or R44.04 respectively.

R44 CAR SEATS are chosen according to the child’s weight only. There are five pre-defined weight groups (Groups 0, 0+, 1, 2 and 3) that each seat must be approved to. It may be possible to choose more than one type of car seat in each weight group. Furthermore, each seat can be approved for more than one group.

R129 CAR SEATS are chosen according to the child’s height (an upper weight limit is also given for ISOFIX seats). There are no pre-defined groups: the car seat manufacturer can approve the seat for any height range. However, the height range will determine the car seat type (and the way the child must be restrained within it).

Fitting the Seat in your Car

Make sure your car seat is fitted correctly with our helpful videos. Our YouTube Channel has a guide for every car seat we offer. Instruction manuals are also available in the help zone in case you misplace yours.

Car Seat Checker List

We have created this handy fit checker to help you see which Cosatto car seats will fit in your car. It is super important to choose the right car seat for your vehicle and child, as a badly fitting car seat can compromise the safety of the seat. Fit matters.

Our Guarantee

One thing to consider when you’re buying a car seat is what happens afterwards. Not all companies have the service we have. This is big. We collect, repair and return your product in 5 working days. You stay where you are. Simple. The Cosatto Cuddle is our promise of outstanding cover, advice, peace of mind and revolutionary service excellence.

Thanks to...
The advice in this guide was brought to you by our Rachael - Cosatto Customer Relationship
Manager and mum to Rafferty. What she doesn’t know about car seats you could fit on a postage stamp. She’s here to help you with some need-to-knows.

More Key Features

Extended Rearward Facing

Extended Rear Facing seats are proven to be safer for younger children in a collision. That’s why we have developed our ERF collection to protect children up to 18kg (approx. 4 years old), for excellent value and safety.

Easy Access Rotation

These seats can be rotated to side-facing for easy access from a car door with the simple pull of a trigger. No more stretching and leaning in when lifting baby out or when doing up the harness and you can lock easily into the position you need.


A recline feature is ideal if the child sleeps in the car. With one handed smooth recline, it is easy to recline the child back in their car seat. Cosatto offer car seats that recline from birth through to 12 years old, check out our Comparison Charts to see which car seat has a recline feature.

5 Point Plus

Research shows that more than 70% of children wriggle out of their car seat harnesses, risking severe injury. That’s unacceptable. Cosatto have built the solution. The Brand New Cosatto Anti-Escape System has been built working alongside the makers of the original, award-winning ‘5 Point Plus’ harness system. In tests, 9 out of 10 children could not wriggle out of their Cosatto Anti-Escape System. That’s a result.