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Place your order and you’re done! Choose Humm at checkout and select the finance option that best suits you. Pretty great, huh!

Which Option Best Suits Me?

If you are looking for interest free options we have Pay in 5, in which you pay in 5 installments every 2 weeks, and Pay in 3, which is 3 monthly installments, both of these are 0% APR, so you will only pay for what you have bought. minimum spend for these options is €80, up to €499.

See below our longer term options


What Documents are required?

If we do require documents we will email you with our specific request. For more information on how we process your documents please see our privacy policy.

How does humm work?

n simple terms, we’re an easy alternative to paying with cash or card for goods offered by our Retail Partners.

Humm allows you to spread the cost of your purchase when buying from any of our retail partners. We provide fixed sum loans and each retailer will offer a tailored set of loan terms so best check the terms with your chosen retailer by getting a quote through Complete a Humm application (please ensure that you are not using Internet Explorer) and we will assess it for you. If you are eligible for a loan from Humm, you can use the loan to make purchases from one or multiple of our Retail Partners, both in-store and online!

It’s that simple!

You will then pay back the loan over the agreed term making payments to Humm based on the terms agreed at the time of the purchase.

The first payment is due at the time of purchase. See below for further details.
Late Payment Fees will apply where you do not make a payment on time. See below for further details on recurring payments.

Please visit Terms & Conditions to review our full terms and conditions and detailed product information.

What happens if I miss a payment?

If a payment is unsuccessful on the due date we will send you an SMS and an email to advise of the unsuccessful payment and provide ways for you to make the payment.

If the payment is not made on the due date we will automatically retry for the payment on the next day.

If the second attempt to claim the payment is unsuccessful a £7 late payment fee is applied to your Loan agreement and becomes due and payable along with the contractual payment.

At this time, we will not make any further attempts to process the payment and send you communications by various methods to contact you to discuss your missed payment and your financial circumstances.

If we do not get a response from our attempts to contact you we will look to make 2 further attempts to process the payment from your bank card. These attempts will be made 5 days and 10 days after the due date.

How do I Apply?

Visit our website or download our App and complete the information requested through the application form.

We will assess your application based on the details you provide us with and other external data sources (see below for further information on Credit searches) to assess if you are eligible for a loan.

We do perform a hard credit check for each new application that is submitted for assessment.

What is a Continuous Payment Authority (“CPA”)?

By entering into the Agreement with us, you are consenting to the use of continuous payment authority as the means of repaying the loan. This means that we can collect the Instalments automatically as set out in the Agreement from the Debit or Credit Card you used to make your Upfront Payment.

This is the only repayment option available, but you can change the Debit Card or Credit Card and make manual card payments at any time through our app.

If you wish to cancel the CPA, you may do so at any time by contacting your bank directly, or by contacting us at If you do cancel, you remain responsible for paying the outstanding balance of the loan and any charges in full.

Once I am confirmed as eligible for a loan what next?

Once we have confirmed your eligibility for a loan you can then proceed to shop at any of our retail partners and make a purchase of goods or services using the loan to pay for these.

Your loan eligibility will be valid for a period of 14 days from the date of approval and so needs to be used within that time or it will expire. After expiry, you will need to submit a new application to be considered for a loan again.

Please note that we do perform a hard credit check on each application and see the details about Credit Searches above.

Can I buy more than one thing?

Yes you can make one or more purchases from one or more retailers up to the maximum amount you are eligible for.

For more info, visit Humm here

*If you fail to make a payment, you may be charged a late payment fee.